Locket of Slytherin Wand
Locket of Slytherin Wand Handle
Locket of Slytherin Wand
Locket of Slytherin Wand with case

The Locket Of Slytherin Wand

House Pride
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Inspired by the mysterious family heirloom of Salazar Slytherin is this Locket of Slytherin Wand. The wand features the artifact’s ancient symbols set against an amber handle, with an octagonal handle like the 8-sided locket. Included within the bespoke detailing is an emerald green jewel, representing the traditional color of the Slytherin House.

Symbolic of the power of the ancient pure-blood family, this wand is designed for a proud Slytherin who seeks artifacts from the House’s past. The wand measures at approximately 18 inches long and is complete with a deluxe collectors box.

Please note: This wand is a true collectible and not a toy. It may break if treated roughly.