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Thestral Wand
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Thestral Wand

Thestral Wand

$42.00 USD

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This high-quality, sculpted Thestral Wand is inspired by the black, skeletal, winged horses, often seen by superstitious witches and wizards. The wand has been designed representing the reptilian features, and wide, leathery wings that resemble a those of the thestrals appearing in the Harry Potter series.

Although the creatures are associated with bad luck and misfortune, this bespoke wand design is for those who can see the beauty within, and is represented with its fine detail and majestic sculpting. The wand measures at approximately 18 inches long and is complete with a deluxe collector’s box, perfect for showcasing or adding to your Harry Potter collection.

Please note: This wand is a true collectible and not a toy. It may break if treated roughly.