Slytherin Attribute Mug - 16oz
Slytherin Attribute Mug - 16oz

Slytherin Attribute Mug

$20.00 USD

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What does it take to be sorted into Slytherin house? This beautifully designed attribute mug can help answer that question!

The graphic front heraldic crest is raised and covered in various Slytherin symbolism, including Salazar Slytherin's locket. On the interior lip the Slytherin serpent can be seen poking over from the edge, while the back of the mug proudly displays the three most prominent traits associated with the house: Ambition, Cunning and Pride.

With a high quality glossed finish, deep emerald green and contrasted black pop in glorious Slytherin house color. The Slytherin Attribute Mug can hold up to 16 oz of your favorite hot or cold drink, and features a slight tapered design that supplies a satisfying weight when cupped in the hands.