Harry Potter NYC Fawkes Tea Towel

Harry Potter NYC Fawkes Tea Towel

$12.00 USD

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Exclusive to the Harry Potter New York shop, this designer tea towel will add a hint of magic to any witches' or wizards' kitchen! In deep navy and gold colors, a striking embossed graphic of a fire red Fawkes the phoenix flies prominent in the center with wings outstretched. Store branding reads “Harry Potter New York” overhead, and "The Official Store at 935 Broadway" along the bottom.

This Harry Potter NYC Fawkes Tea Towel comes tied in ribbon with an exclusive gold foil sticker branding it as official Harry Potter NYC merchandise. Made from 100% cotton material and measures approximately 23.5" H x 18" L

Exclusive New York tea towels are also available in three other designs, Dumbledore’s Griffin, Nagini the Snake and the Hungarian Horntail dragon.