Creatures Fawkes Mug
Creatures Fawkes Mug

Fawkes Mug

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More than just fantastical animals, the Creatures Collection celebrates the loyal friends and characters who have helped shape the Wizarding World into the magical place we know and love.

This burgundy red Fawkes mug features the collection's signature exclusive artwork of a cute but inquisitive Fawkes the phoenix printed on the front. He sits perched on his stand under a gothic arch in Dumbledore's office, along with prominent scrolling font of his name. Dumbledore's famous quote "Fascinating creatures, phoenixes" is written on the back side in light gray writing.

The mug measures approximately 4" high and at the widest point, with an 3" diameter top opening and 2" diameter base. Its pleasing egg-like shape is designed to be cupped comfortably in the hands, but also features a generously sized handle.

This Fawkes Mug is suitable for use in a dishwasher and microwave.