Clippings Hufflepuff Travel Mug
Clippings Hufflepuff Travel Mug

Clippings Hufflepuff Travel Mug

House Pride
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The Harry Potter Clippings collection celebrates the unique traits of each Hogwarts House in a modern newspaper clipping style graphic design, conjuring up the unique feel of the city it is exclusive to - New York!

This classy travel mug features a large graphic of a badger's paw. Tiled strips that appear to be newspaper clippings stack within the silhouette, and list the house traits unique to Hufflepuff. A gold reflective letter 'H' along with the house name can be found on the side. This stunning mug is evocative of modern pop art and the spirit of the city that is uniquely New York!

This Clippings Hufflepuff Travel Mug measures approximately 6" in height, with a 3" diameter top down to a 2.5" bottom. Features a classic flip and clip coffee style lid. Not suitable for dishwasher or microwave use.