Clippings Gryffindor Cosmetic Bag

Clippings Gryffindor Cosmetic Bag

$20.00 $6.00 USD

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Reminiscent of the glitz and glamour of the Big Apple, the Harry Potter Clippings collection celebrates Harry Potter New York and what makes each Hogwarts House unique in striking metallic silver and gold. 

This classy cosmetic bag features a photo realistic Gryffindor lion screen printed on a highly reflective gold metallic vinyl. The lion's mane, made of what appear to be newspaper clippings, flow out from the back of the head and list the house traits unique to Gryffindor. This stunning bag is evocative of modern art and the spirit of the city that is uniquely New York!

The Clippings Gryffindor Cosmetic Bag measures approximately 8" in length, 3" in width, and 4" in height. A lion mascot charm zip tag is attached in reflective gold.