Diadem of Ravenclaw Wand
Diadem of Ravenclaw Wand handle
The Diadem of Ravenclaw Wand

The Diadem of Ravenclaw Wand

House Pride
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Inspired by the powerful and famed Diadem of the Ravenclaw House is this bespoke Diadem of Ravenclaw Wand. This ornate wand features decorative detailing of the lost Diadem including pristine sapphire-like stones, and unique metalwork on its handle. Created with the Ravenclaw house in mind, this unique wand is designed for a Ravenclaw who finds guidance in her wise words. The wand measures at approximately 18 inches long and is complete with a deluxe collector’s box.

Please note: This wand is a true collectible and not a toy. It may break if treated roughly.