Hogwarts Knitted Scarf
Hogwarts Knitted Scarf

Hogwarts School Crest Knitted Scarf

$25.00 USD

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Embrace the spirit of Hogwarts and stay cozy with this enchanting Hogwarts School Crest Knitted Scarf. This striped scarf is the perfect accessory to complete your Hogwarts school ensemble. Each end of the scarf proudly displays an embroidered patch of the prestigious Hogwarts school crest, while colored stripes gracefully represent the four houses: red for Gryffindor, green for Slytherin, blue for Ravenclaw, and yellow for Hufflepuff.

Measuring 66" long and 7" wide, this scarf provides ample coverage and warmth. Crafted from a cozy and soft acrylic knit, it offers a comfortable and luxurious feel against your skin. Designed for both style and comfort, our Knitted Crest Scarves are also available in all individual house colors, allowing you to proudly showcase your house loyalty.

Indulge in the magic of Hogwarts and add a touch of elegance to your winter wardrobe with our Hogwarts School Crest Knitted Scarf. Whether you're attending classes or exploring the grounds, this scarf is a must-have accessory for all aspiring witches and wizards.