NY Iconic Nagini Water Bottle
NY Iconic Nagini Water Bottle

Harry Potter NYC Nagini Water Bottle

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Fans of the darker side of Harry Potter will love this Nagini water bottle! A large color illustration of the infamous snake is featured at the center with surrounding icons of the Deathly Hallows and the Slytherin horcrux locket. Exclusive to Harry Potter New York it also possesses branding to the location, including the name and address of the iconic store. "Harry Potter New York" can be seen in a silver reflective font followed by "The Official Store at 935 Broadway".

This Harry Potter NYC Nagini Water Bottle comes with an olive color metallic screw top lid to keep liquids safe and secure, measuring approximately 1.5" in circumference. The stainless steel bottle comes with an exclusive gold foil sticker branding it as official Harry Potter NYC merchandise, and measures approximately 8.5" tall with a 3" circumference.

Exclusive New York water bottles are also available in other magical creature designs, with the screw top lid specifically available to Nagini and Fawkes the Phoenix.