Ukrainian Ironbelly Dragon Plush

Ukrainian Ironbelly Dragon Plush

$29.90 USD

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Experience the enchanting world of Harry Potter like never before with this intricately detailed Ukrainian Ironbelly plush! This magnificent creature, famously guarding the vaults of Gringotts in "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows," is now brought to life in a huggable form.

Crafted with incredible attention to detail, this plush features spines, scales and teeth with the addition of bendable wings, allowing you to pose and play with it to your heart's content. The wings are ingeniously connected, creating a lifelike and synchronized wing-flapping motion.

Perfect for witches and wizards aged 3 and up, this plush is made from soft and durable polyester. It measures a majestic 26 inches from nose to tail and boasts an impressive 33 inch wingspan. Plus, it's surface washable for easy cleaning, ensuring your Ukrainian Ironbelly remains pristine.