Gryffindor Mascot Lion Soft Toy

Gryffindor Mascot Lion Soft Toy

$35.10 USD

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This realistically detailed Gryffindor lion will make a stunning addition to every aspiring Hogwarts student's soft toy collection! The noble mascot features soft brushed features, expressive acrylic brown eyes and full faux-fur mane.

A knit scarlet and gold striped house scarf completes the look, finished with a small embroidered Gryffindor badge crest. The lion stands approximately 10 1/2" in height and 8" in width, and will make a wonderful gift for any soft animal collector or those sorted into Gryffindor house.

This Gryffindor Mascot Lion Soft Toy is made of polyester, and surface washable. Best suited for ages 18 months and over.