Slytherin Mascot Wand
Slytherin Wand
Slytherin Mascot Wand with box
Slytherin Wand detail
Slytherin Mascot Wand

The Slytherin Mascot Wand


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Celebrate your house pride with this exquisite Slytherin Mascot Wand. Inspired by a snake, the cunning and intelligent animal of Slytherin, the wand represents ambition, leadership, and resourcefulness which lies at the heart of the Slytherin house.

The wand features a highly detailed serpent’s head and has been hand-painted in a light-green shade, the traditional color of the Slytherin house. For those with great ambition, this wand design is for leaders, who seek to stamp their own mark on the world. The wand measures at approximately 18 inches long and is complete with a deluxe collector's box.

Please note: This wand is a true collectible and not a toy. It may break if treated roughly.