Le Creuset - Hedwig Pie Bird

Le Creuset - Hedwig Pie Bird


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The magic of cooking. The wonder of a world filled with possibilities. The joy and creativity of two iconic brands. Le Creuset and Harry Potter present a cookware collection that transforms ordinary dishes into magical ones. Wands at the ready!

Modeled after Harry's pet snowy owl, the Le Creuset Hedwig Pie Bird is visually elegant and undeniably useful. Its hollow shape vents steam from pie filling as it cooks, preventing contents from boiling over; arches on the bottom redirect excess moisture to keep the bottom crust from becoming soggy. Crafted of premium stoneware and finished with a crack-resistant glaze, it features embossed feather detail, intelligent eyes and a black beak.

  • Crafted from premium stoneware.
  • Colorful glaze is nonporous, nonreactive, scratch-resistant and resists stains and flavor absorption. 
  • Unmatched thermal resistance for temperatures ranging from -9°F to 500°F.