Clippings Slytherin Pin Badge Set

Clippings Slytherin Pin Badge Set

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The Harry Potter Clippings collection celebrates the unique traits of each Hogwarts House in a modern newspaper clipping style graphic design, conjuring up the unique feel of the city it is exclusive to - New York! This set of pins contains three different designs in Slytherin house imagery and colors pale green and gold.

A classic heraldic mascot serpent measures approximately 1.5", a Harry Potter New York cross crest logo at about 1", and the Slytherin house name in the Clippings newspaper art style, around 2" in length by 0.5 in height. Gold reflective detailing can be seen along the outer edges of all pins.

Wear one or all of the pins included in this Clippings Slytherin Pin Badge Set proudly on backpacks, hats, or anywhere else you wish to express your fandom!